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The Viral Aerosol Problem

Aerosol consists of small liquid droplets that stay suspended in the air for prolonged periods of time and are highly infectious in the case of viruses and bacteria. Aerosol is produced when high pressured air meets saliva or nasal secretions that contain the pathogen.

The current outbreak of COVID-19 highlighted the concern of transmission through aerosol.
This highly contagious pathogen has severely limited and has often led to the suspension of
NIV and of inhalations. This has effectively mandated the intubation of every respiratory patient in need of respiratory support. 

This issue will persist even after the decline of the current epidemic. With the widespread acknowledgment that airborne pathogens are here to stay, health systems are actively seeking out solutions that will enable a safe and permanent return to normal.


The Solution

Inspir Labs has developed an innovative and novel solution for the safe use of Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) in light of the ever-growing threat posed by airborne pathogens. Inspir Lab's solution is based on the creation of a pressure gradient to ensure that no aerosol contamination is introduced into the immediate surroundings thereby allowing the safe use of NIV methods in any necessary environment.

This approach to aerosol safety solves the challenges presented by the attempt to seal a constantly positively pressurized device, a near-impossible endeavor otherwise.


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