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Inspir Labs aims to be a pioneer and innovator in the field of Non-Invasive Ventilation by developing technologies that will protect Hospitals' and Clinics'  most strategic asset - the medical staff. Inspir Labs strives to be an authority in this field, transforming Medical centers and clinics into safer spaces for all, caregivers, and patients alike.

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Medical staff who provide patients with respiratory assistance are at extreme risk to contract the patient's illness

Healthcare Workers (HCW) are the most at-risk population for infection during epidemics, with constant and close exposure to infected individuals, the risk for them to be sick is up to 12 times that of the general population. Combined with their frequent contact with compromised individuals, the problem of HCW safety is only emphasized.

A significant risk factor for HCW infection is through bio-aerosols, in particular those created by the administering of certain procedures that involve pressurized air and gasses administration, generalized as Aerosol Generating Procedures, or AGP’s. These include the different methods of NIV, open suctioning, and more.

30% of intubation processes could be replaced by NIV if it were safe for medical staff

During the recent CoViD19 epidemic, severe restrictions were placed upon the use of NIV due to the extreme risk posed by its use. Usage was limited to negative pressure rooms, with the highest possible level of protective gear and isolation measures.

These measures have effectively put an impossible dilemma to doctors: either refrain completely from administering NIV, or put themselves and their surroundings at risk.


Mechanical ventilation is the most common medical support. required by 20%-40% of U.S. ICU admissions

In the US, 5M patients visit the ICU room annually.

Aging populations, increasing obesity numbers and environmental factors such as air pollution and smoking will see this trend undoubtedly continuing.

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